Safe Reverse Mortgage: The Most Trusted
Reverse Mortgage Lender in California

Since 2007, has been The most trusted residential reverse mortgage lender in California. We focus on understanding The needs of our customers, guiding Them through each step of The loan process, and helping borrowers to meet their personal and financial goals.

Apart from being a reverse mortgage lender, Safe Reverse Mortgage also offers competitive pricing on FHA mortgages, VA mortgages, USDA mortgages, manufactured housing, and Other residential mortgage lending products in California. Our expert staff of loan officers have extensive industry experience and longstanding relationships with The best realtors in California.

Contact Meshawn Davis today to find out more about our reverse mortgage solutions and how a reverse mortgage can help secure your financial future.

More About Meshawn Davis’s Experience as a Reverse Mortgage Lender

Meshawn has been a proud resident of California for over 20 years, and has been a reverse mortgage lender and loan consultant for over 10 years. Her specialty is as a reverse mortgage lender, and her trademark is a strong orientation to detail regarding client needs that ensures smooth and seamless progression to closing every time.


Given that she is a specialist reverse mortgage lender, Meshawn Davis loves working with seniors and their families throughout The California area. She assists clients to make decisions that consistently improve their lives by giving them happiness and security in retirement. Good reverse mortgage lenders empower seniors to enjoy their retirements without burdensome financial obligations.

Meshawn delivers superb service as a reverse mortgage lender by taking outstanding personal care of clients and building personal relationships with them in order to keep them as loyal customers who tell their friends and family about her service.

Why Meshawn Davis Is The Most Trusted Reverse Mortgage Lender in California

Safe Reverse Mortage Lender

You can sum it up in one word: experience. With her established relationships in both real estate and mortgage finance within the California area, The combination of Meshawn and The Safe Reverse Mortgage team makes for an unbeatable network that routinely delivers results to clients.

Even clients who are familiar with The reverse mortgage process are often surprised by what Meshawn has been able to achieve for them. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge and hands on experience with their type of mortgage, she has been able to provide financial independence and peace of mind to hundreds of clients as a reverse mortgage lender.

She has even been able to enable low-income seniors or those with depleted savings to remain in their homes with a high standard of living using reverse mortgages and savvy financial planning. She has helped other seniors to buy second homes, restore their nest eggs, cover back HOA dues, and eliminate mortgage payments forever. Using a new reverse mortgage lender program, She has also enabled clients to move into new primary residences without a mortgage payment by using reverse mortgages for purchase.

If you are ready to find out more about how Meshawn Davis can help you reach your retirement goals with personalized reverse mortgage solutions, contact her online or by phone today.